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MSC Euribia Naming Ceremony to Take Place in Denmark

MSC Cruises announced yesterday that the naming ceremony for its newest flagship, MSC Euribia, will happen on June 8,2023, in Copenhagen, Denmark.  

MSC Euribia will be the second ship in its fleet to be powered by LNG, one of the world’s cleanest marine fuels, to feature state-of-the-art environmental systems and to utilize onshore power when available in order to produce zero emissions. All of this shows MSC Cruises commitment to protecting the oceans and environment and is why the cruise line selected the port of Copenhagen for the naming ceremony. Not only does the port of Copenhagen have a rich maritime heritage, but the country of Denmark also has a deep respect for the sea along with a commitment to sustainability. 

The ship also features a mural painted by German graphic artist Alex Fleming that represents MSC Cruises’ commitment to the marine environment. Fleming’s artwork conveys the value and need to protect this ecosystem. 

MSC Euribia is also named after the ancient goddess Eurybia. Eurybia is known for harnessing the winds, weather and constellations to master the seas. This is symbolic of the way MSC cruises envisions mastering technologies and protecting the marine environment. 

Guests will find one-of-a-kind experiences on board MSC Euribia. They will experience an iconic Mediterranean-style promenade, various shops, specialty restaurants, and world-class entertainment. There are 5 pools and a coral-themed Water Park. Children can participate in educational games provided by the MSC Foundation Center. The games will educate the participants on the significance of the environment. Adults can also learn about the foundation’s programs and causes. 

MSC Euribia begins her inaugural season on June 10, 2023, and offer 7-night sailings from Kiel, Germany ans Copenhagen, Denmark to the Norwegian Fjords.