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Carnival Cruise Line Bringing Back the Popular Fun Times

Carnival Cruise Line will be providing paper copies of their Fun Times Newsletter. Brand Ambassador John Heald shared the good news on his Facebook page on Wednesday and explained it was returning in response to complaints from cruisers. 

“Many, many many many many of you have written to me over the past months saying how much you miss the Funtimes being delivered to your cabin.

So I must say a massive thank you to the beards for listening to the comments I sent them and so in the days and weeks ahead we will provide a printed version of the Funtimes in the cabin mail box the night before.

Obviously I should mention that the brilliant Hubb App continues to provide these and so much more.

Cheers and please let the beards know if you are happy about this in the comments below.”

Carnival announced the daily list of activities would stop being published in 2021. At that time Heald told the Facebook community that it was being stopped in an effort due to the amount of newsletters cabin stewards were finding on the floor and in the trash.  Carnival was cutting back on paper waste. You can be sure that Carnival also cut back in the expense of paper, ink, and labor when the publication was stopped as well. 

The majority of 2.4k people have “let the beards know” they are very excited for the newsletters return. One commenter was even excited she could bring her highlighter again. Another individual commented they had saved them all as mementos since they began cruising in 1966. 

Heald followed that post up with one of his famous polls asking if cruisers would be using the Hub App, the Fun Times, or both. It was clear that people did like the Hub App and many of its features but the bringing back of the Fun Times Newsletter was the clear popular winner.