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Disney Cruise Line Releases Details of Pearl Castaway Club Loyalty Benefits

Disney Cruise Line teased about the Pearl Castaway Club Member tier back in November, but yesterday they released the benefits and advantages this elite tier has for guests. 

The brand new Pearl loyalty tier is being introduced to coincide with the cruise line’s 25th anniversary this summer. Beginning May 1, 2023 the benefits of the Pearl loyalty tier will be available to guests who have cruised 25+ times on a magical vacation. 

Benefit #1–Pearl Castaway Club Members will have the ability to book new itineraries four days earlier than the general public. This means Disney Cruise Line’s most loyal guests will have access to stateroom selections, itineraries and ships before desired options begin to sell out. 

Benefit #2–Pearl Castaway Club Members will have the ability to book onboard activities and shore excursions 123 days before embarkation. This is  3 days sooner than Platinum members who currently can book at 120 days. 

Benefit #3–Pearl Castaway Club Members will receive a complimentary unlimited digital photo package. This benefit is brand new and available only to Pearl loyalty cruisers. 

These exclusive benefits are in addition to the benefits currently offered to Silver, Gold and Platinum Castaway Club Members. Those benefits include a dedicated Castaway Club phone number for communication, early access to port arrivals, a welcome aboard gift, a private reception, special discounts, and a complimentary dinner at Palo and Palo Steakhouse. 

The Pearl Castaway Club is the elite level of loyalty for Disney Cruise Line and represents anyone who has sailed 25 or more Disney Cruises. Lower Castaway Club loyalties are the Silver Castaway Club that starts after just one cruise, the Gold Castaway Club that begins at sailing number five and the Platinum Castaway Club that begins at sailing number ten. 

Unlike other cruise lines that count the number of days on their ship, Disney Cruise Line adheres to the number of cruises when awarding loyalty statuses.