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Carnival Cruise Line Bringing Back ”Behind the Fun”

“A look behind the crew door will be returning in early February. Stay tuned for more details.”

John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador, posted this teaser on social media recently regarding the popular ”Behind the Fun” tour returning. 

The tour is for those who would like to know what daily life is like on a cruise ship and will soon return for the first time post pandemic. Guests are permitted to tour areas that are typically off limits to passengers and are treated to the ins and outs of what it’s like to operate, work and live aboard a Carnival Cruise ship. Details are expected in the near future. 

The three and a half hour guided tour began in 2009. During the tour, personnel such as the captain, chef de cuisine, chief engineer, and others impart their knowledge in their area of the ship’s operation. 

Guests usually are able to tour the backstage of the main show lounge, crew galley, gym and training center. Guests may also tour the main galley, the bridge and the engine room. 

Previously, the tour included a Q&A session with the captain and chief engineer, and commemorative gifts like “Behind the Fun” baseball hats and lanyards. Guests also received a complimentary photograph of the group. 

The “Behind the Fun” tour is one of the last features to return to Carnival. They have previously brought back previous experiences like Faster to the Fun, VIFP loyalty parties, children’s programming, and Chef’s Table dining

Originally, all of these were paused indefinitely to cut down on crowding and the spread of COVID-19. The precautions were put into place for guests and crew members alike. 

If you’re interested in booking “Behind the Fun” it does cost extra, but can be booked through the shore excursion desk. Also, due to the exclusive size and popularity of the tour, it is recommended to book as soon as you arrive on the ship.