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Another Cruise Line Raising Gratuities and Other Fees

Carnival Cruise Line is the just the latest to raise fees on gratuities and WiFi packages. 

Gratuities will be increased for all staterooms effective April 2023. All standard staterooms are increasing to $16 per guest per day, while guests in suites will be paying $18 per guest per day. This is an increase of $1.50 per guest per day for each type of stateroom. This will be the second time Carnival Cruise Line has raised gratuity rates within the year. 

John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador, had this to say in a social media post, “I know that so many of you reading this love our crew and love their dedications, smiles and the fun and brilliant service they give you. So I thank you so much for all you have done and all you will do for them and I mean that most sincerely.”

He is correct. The crew and their dedication are loved and appreciated but two gratuity rate hikes in 11 months is significant. 

These announcements are on the heels of rate increases by Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America Line, and Princess Cruises. Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Line had increased their rates earlier in the year. 

Carnival Cruise Line is also increasing every level of its WiFi packages. The Social package is increasing by $2.60 per day, the Value package is increasing by $2.55 per day, while the Premium package is increasing the least at $1.20 per day. Those changes will happen mid-January. 

As always, cruisers who pre-pay for either gratuities or the WiFi packages will pay current rates through the specified dates when higher rates will be automatically charged.