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Who Is Adora Cruises?

2023 looks to be a big year for start up cruise brands. There are at least five new cruise lines set to begin service in 2023. One of these cruise lines is Adora Cruises. 

Adora Cruises is being released by China’s first independent cruise company CSSC Carnival which is a joint venture between China State Shipbuilding Corp and Carnival Corporation. The startup cruise line currently has two newbuilds under construction in China that are based on Carnival’s Vista class ships. Adora Cruises has also acquired two former Costa Cruises vessels. 

“The launch of the new Adora Cruises brand is an important innovation that combines our classic cruise experience with emerging cultural and travel resources,” said Chen Ranfeng, CEO of CSSC Carnival Cruise Lines. 

“As a new Chinese cruise brand rooted in the Chinese market, Adora Cruises roots Chinese characteristics in the brand building, combines international vision and local advantages, and creates a cruise travel experience that better meets the needs of Chinese guests through cross-border integration of multiple cultural and travel elements.”

Adora Cruises’ first ship will feature the largest ever duty free shopping center at sea in China, the “Shop of Adora.” The shopping center is a joint venture between CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping Limited and China Duty-Free Cruise Services Ltd and promises to bring a variety of exclusive options for shoppers. 

Adora Cruises will also feature live comedy theater. The cruise line has partnered with Mahua FunAge, China’s leading comedy production company, and will bring two comedy-drama shows onboard. One to the grand theater and the other in a bar setting to provide an immersive life performance. 

Looking to make a cruise with Adora Cruises the best experience at sea, the cruise line will also be offering 5G connectivity while on board. This will be the first cruise line to offer 5G and will be raising the bar if the results are satisfactory. 

Adora Cruises will sail the Maritime Silk Route which connects the Chinese mainland with South-East Asia, India, the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, and the Mediterranean.