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Some Cruising COVID and Travel Updates

Carnival Cruise Line is making masks optional for their crew members. The new policy went into effect on October 14. Cruisers in the La Lido Loca Community have noticed and posted about how nice it is to see smiling crew members’ faces again. 

Guests have not been required to wear masks for a while now, but crew members have been wearing masks since cruising restarted last year. While most COVID-related protocols are relaxing or disappearing, several still exist. This is why all crew members are required to be fully vaccinated, and you will still see masks in high-risk areas, like the medical center. Also, crew members have the option to wear a mask if they so choose, and we should treat that decision with respect. However, with this latest change, cruising is bound to feel and look more “normal.”

Not only are the mask protocols relaxing for Carnival and other cruise lines, but more destinations are dropping their travel restrictions.

The government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has dropped all travel restrictions for cruisers. Carlos James, tourism minister, said the decision was made due to ongoing low global infection rates and low numbers of COVD cases in their health facilities. 

Cruisers visiting St. Vincent and the Grenadines do not need to prove vaccination, take COVID tests, or have a quarantine plan. 

This decision follows other Caribbean nations dropping travel restrictions. As of October 25, Bermuda is dropping travel requirements (except its $40 entry authorization fee). Barbados dropped travel requirements in late September, and the Bahamas relaxed theirs in late August. St. Kitts and the Cayman Islands also relaxed their requirements a few weeks ago.

As always, make sure to check with your cruise line for the latest travel restrictions and protocols.

How about you? Do you think cruising is beginning to look “normal”?