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Royal Caribbean Offering Discounted Cruises

How does $99 for a three-night sailing to the Bahamas sound? Well that is exactly what Royal Caribbean is offering this week. That is just about as low as Royal Caribbean has ever offered. $99 for the entire sailing!

They are also offering a two-night sailing to the Bahamas for $79. A four-night sailing?  Just $129 per voyage. 

The current discounted sailings are:

  • Two-night Freedom of the Seas sailing from Miami on December 5 starting at $79
  • Three-night Independence of the Seas sailing from Port Canaveral on December 5 starting at $99
  • Three-night Liberty of the Seas sailing from Fort Lauderdale on November 1 starting at $119
  • Four-night Independence of the Seas sailing from Port Canaveral on November 14 starting at $129. This same sailing on November 7, November 28, and December 12 starts at $149

Of course these low prices are only available for the windowless interior cabins. But there are deep discounts for ocean-view and balcony cabins as well. 

The fares are per person and include accommodations, meals and entertainment but not port taxes and fees. These can range from $101 to $110. 

As is normal, the per-person pricing is “based on double occupancy,” which means they are available when booking 2 or more people in the cabin. 

There can be other charges that are not included in the base price, such as Wi-Fi, alcoholic drinks and service charges. However, even with these charges, the cost of cruising is still much lower if compared to staying in a hotel. 

These low rates for fall cruises are coming as cruise lines are struggling to return to full occupancy following the pandemic. 

How about you? Are you looking to book a deeply discounted fall cruise?