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Royal Caribbean Group Celebrates World Oceans Day

Royal Caribbean Group announced its partnership with Inter Miami CF to sponsor six months of coral restoration expeditions with Rescue a Reef. The partnership between Royal Caribbean Group, Inter Miami CF and the University of Miami’s Rescue a Reef program is designed to involve South Florida communities with hands-on opportunities in coral gardening and reef restoration.

On June 6, 2024, to celebrate World Oceans Day, Royal Caribbean Group along with research divers from Rescue a Reef and Inter Miami CF midfielder Benjamin Cremaschi hosted a coral expedition with the University of Miami Rosenstiel School. 

Cremashi and Nick Rose, Royal Caribbean Group’s head of ESG, teamed up to dive at the “Royal Caribbean Group Reef,” a new coral restoration site designated for research and rehabilitation. Together they laid the groundwork for the planting of over 1,000 coral colonies. The colonies will provide shelter, food and nursery for various marine species near Miami’s shoreline.

“As a Key Biscayne native, I’ve always had a special appreciation for the ocean. That’s why it was important to me to team up with Royal Caribbean to do my part in maintaining the health of our oceans,” said Cremaschi. “It was amazing to see the Royal Caribbean Group Reef and to help with the restoration project. Our hope is that the work we did inspires continued efforts from the community so we can have a lasting impact together.”

Rose added, “Spending a big part of my life around our oceans, first as part of a Navy family and then starting my career as a shipboard environmental officer, I know first-hand how important it is to keep our oceans healthy to sustain our planet. It was an incredible experience to come together with Benjamin and expert researchers to protect the beauty of the oceans and to be able to create opportunities for our local communities to join us.”

Royal Caribbean Group is also launching a video series in partnership with OceanScope that will make studying the ocean fun onboard its ships. OceanScope is another University of Miami Rosenstiel School program that equips Royal Caribbean ships with instruments that provide scientists with valuable information in their study of the ocean. The videos will be available via the mobile apps of Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises and on Silverseas’ stateroom TVs. Other  onboard activities will include walks to support endangered sea turtles and youth programming highlighting the importance of healthy oceans.