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Life at Sea Cruises Cancels World Cruise

March 1, 2023, Life at Sea Cruises and its parent company, Miray Cruises, opened bookings for the world’s first three-year cruise. The cruise was to encompass over 130,000 miles, 375 ports, 135 countries and seven continents aboard the MV Gemini

However, by the end of May, the seaworthiness of the ship was being questioned, passengers were requesting refunds and it was unclear if the voyage was happening. At the end of June, Miray Cruises announced it had replaced the Gemini with a larger ship, the former AIDAaura which had sailed for AIDA Cruises until 2020.

Ultimately, a few days ago, Life at Sea Cruises officially canceled the cruise because they do not have nor have ever had a ship. The cruise was to depart from Istanbul, Turkey on November 1, 2023. It was then postponed to November 11, 2023, with a departure from Amsterdam, the Netherlands instead. Then another postponement to November 30, 2023, still from Amsterdam until it was finally canceled on November 17, 2023.

Guests were surprised to find that not only was the voyage canceled, but Miray Cruises had also failed to purchase a ship at all despite the renderings of a vessel they had released. Actually, AIDAaura was recently purchased by Celestyal Cruises and will rename it the Celestyal Discovery. She will be refurbished before she begins her sailing season in the Greek Isles in March 2024.

Now, many guests have been left out in the cold as they have sold or rented out their homes and do not have an immediate place to return. They are out tens of thousands of dollars and while Miray Cruises has said the money will be returned it could be late February before final payment is received. 

Vedat Ugurlu, owner of Miray Cruises, did send passengers a message expressing that he was “extremely sorry for the inconvenience” but the cruise would not be departing as planned. He cited financial reasons and unrest in the Middle East.