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Crystal Cruise Passengers Must Be Vaccinated – Seems Like No Exceptions

Luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises will require passengers to be fully vaccinated (both doses) prior to boarding their vessels when cruises restart.

Crystal has a fleet of 8 vessels that offer sailings in the ocean, river, yacht, and expedition categories. The requirement for vaccine is the latest addition to Crystal’s Clean+ health protocols which includes pre-cruise COVID-19 testing, distancing, capacity control, face coverings, and other health safety measures aimed at creating a safe cruise environment.

Of course, there are always big questions around vaccines mandates, specifically: What if I can’t get vaccinated in time for my cruise, what if I cannot take the vaccine, what about kids under 18 years old, and what about the crew?

Crystal answers these questions in their COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement (FAQ). I’ll summarize the answers.

What if I can’t get vaccinated in time for my cruise?

Crystal feels that there is sufficient time for passengers to be vaccinated prior to their restart of cruises. However, if a guest cannot get vaccinated in time, they do have the option to move their cruise out to a later date or they can request a refund up to 60 days prior to their sail date.

NOTE: Crystal does have sailings scheduled for May 2021, so that 60-day window maybe closing for some. If that’s you, act now!

What if I cannot take the vaccine?

Currently there seems to be no exceptions I can find to the vaccination policy. Guests who do not get vaccinated will not be able to sail.

What about kids, persons younger that 18?

Again, it seems like there are no exceptions to the policy at this time. Therefore, persons who cannot get vaccinated because of their age will not be allowed to sail.

What about the crew?

The latest update to the Clean+ protocols say this in reference to crew vaccinations:

“Crew members will be expected to be fully inoculated with a COVID-19 vaccine (both doses if recommended by manufacturer) as soon as it is an available option in their home countries. When vaccines are widely available, they will be a requirement of employment at least 14 days prior to service”

Crystal joins Saga Cruises, American Steamboat Company, and Victory Cruise Lines in requiring passengers to be fully vaccinated before they cruise.

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