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Carnival Updates Code of Conduct…Again

Carnival Cruise Line has updated its Code of Conduct and guests may be charged if it is violated.

Carnival Cruise Line has updated its Code of Conduct in an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests. They have added a fine of up to $500 and verbiage about reimbursing the cruise line for detainment or disembarkation expenses.

Just a few weeks ago, the cruise line updated the same policy to add clarity on what behaviors are unacceptable and the necessity of maintaining a safe, respectful environment for all guests. These changes were in response to multiple altercations on different ships. 

The policy now states, “Any violation of our Code of Conduct may result in a fine of $500 and reimbursement of expenses incurred by Carnival as a result of the detainment or disembarkation.”

There is nothing that states how much the “incurred” expenses could be, but those costs could be substantial. On top of the cruiser’s cost of getting home, they may also incur fees from local law enforcement being called to the ship, docking fees, and fuel charges.

This fine is not stated as absolute, but “may” be applied if the code of conduct is violated. The way it is worded would lead one to believe Carnival will look at each incident separately, the severity, how guests respond to the crew’s instructions, mitigating circumstances, etc.

The Code of Conduct was updated recently with language that spells out specific behaviors that are expected. Things like supervising children, keeping noise in the hallways to a minimum, following guests’ queues, and exhibiting a “spirit of community and neighborliness.” It goes on to state, “disruptive behavior is not tolerated and any guest whose conduct affects the comfort, enjoyment, safety, or well-being of other guests or crew will be disembarked at their own expense and banned from sailing on Carnival in the future.” 

Last month, the cruise line also implemented a curfew for those 17 and younger that says they must be out of a ship’s public areas by 1 a.m. unless they are with an adult from their traveling party.

It’s important to note that when purchasing a vacation from any cruise line, passengers agree to the terms and conditions of the cruise ticket contract, and are obligated to follow all onboard policies at all times.

How about you? Do you think this new code of conduct will help curtail further altercations aboard cruise ships?