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Carnival Cruise Line Making Changes

Carnival Cruise Line has announced three updates to room service, dining options and WiFi effective October 1. 

First is a room service change. Carnival is adding more options to their room service menu on an à la carte basis. They are still offering a complimentary breakfast each morning from 6am to 10am with some à la cart offering. Beginning at 10am, only à la carte options will be offered. It sounds as if Carnival is doing away with free room service other than its continental breakfast.

Next, Carnival is bringing back the popular Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast. If you haven’t experienced this, it is a “family favorite where you can enjoy a fantastical feast with The Cat in the Hat and Friends.”

As you would imagine, cruisers will enjoy green eggs and ham. There are other options as well such as cereal-crusted French toast, pancake stacks, berry topped waffles, omelets, and parfaits. Apple and orange juices are also available in the form of goose juice and moose juice. 

The tables are decorated bright and whimsical much like a Dr. Seuss book and character photo ops are available. There is an extra cost of $10 for adults and $8 for children over the age of 2. 

The last change is an increase in WiFi packages. Carnival cited rising costs as the reason for this price change, but has not updated their website with the actual cost yet. In the letter sent to passengers Carnival stated, “Although we continue to do our best to minimize the impact of rising costs, we will be implementing nominal changes to our onboard WiFi packages. WiFi purchases made before the price change will be at the current rates. Reserve pre-cruise before October 1.” And while Carnival did not give the new pricing, the letter went on to say prepaying for your WiFi before October 1 would “save up to 15% and up to 31% vs new onboard pricing.” 

How about you? How will these changes impact your cruising experience?