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Carnival Cruise Line Issues Another Warning

Carnival Cruise Line has released a video from President Christine Duffy reiterating its Code of Conduct. This comes on the heels of an email with a similar message that was sent to passengers recently. 

The video gives specifics on measures being taken and enforced to help ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation for all. In the video, Duffy reminds cruisers that illegal and unruly behavior will have severe consequences. 

Carnival Cruise Line is adding more security personnel. They are introducing narcotics sniffing dogs at home ports. Duffy wants cruisers to specifically know that marijuana is not permitted on board even for medical reasons. 

In the video, Duffy states, “Illegal drugs, including marijuana, on cruise ships and in the cruise terminals, is prohibited, and in case there’s any confusion, let me remind guests that while marijuana and cannabis products may be legal in some states, we are required to follow federal law irrespective of the law.”

Going forward cruisers will have to acknowledge and commit to the code of conduct during check-in. It outlines consequences up to and including fines, confinement to your cabin, removal from the ship at your own expense, or lifetime ban from Carnival ships

They have used Shaquille O’Neal, Chief Fun Officer, to create a series of video messages to remind youth they have a whole new set of guidelines just for them. There are also videos and signage reminding the adults to have fun and act responsibly as well.  

“We know how to show our guests a great cruise experience, and our ships are full of fun-loving guests. That’s why we’re so successful and why guests keep coming back. So please help us make sure your carnival vacation is safe, fun, and memorable by respecting each other, our crew, and the ocean.”

This video message coupled with the previous email message are reminders to follow the rules or face the consequences. Remember, everyone is just looking for a memorable and fun vacation.