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Carnival Cruise Line Invites You to Wear a Mask

Carnival Cruise Line is inviting you to wear a mask aboard the Carnival Venezia. 

Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald announced the new “Venetian Mask Night” aboard Carnival Venezia on his social media Thursday morning. 

“…I am not here to tell you that you have to wear a face mask on your cruise…………unless you are on the Carnival Venezia.

That’s because we will have the first elegant evening of each cruise as “Venetian Mask Night.” This will be a grand night indeed and I will have more on the specifics in the days ahead. Now please don’t panic and think you have to rush on over to Mrs Amazon and buy a mask. 

That’s because we will of course have them on board for sale for you all. These will include our own FUN Italian Style  Carnival themed masks as in red, white and blue. Plus there will be the more traditional Venetian masks available as well.

I think this will look fabulous as guests gather together at the Captain’s Celebration and at dinner in the stunning dinning rooms wearing their Venetian Masks.”

The first elegant evening is traditionally the second night of the sailing and this will be “Venetian Mask Night.” Guests may come prepared with their own Venetian-style masks or they will be available to purchase masks onboard with a Carnival theme and Venetian flair. This is also the night of the Captain’s Celebration and guests will be able to meet Captain Claudio Cupisti. 

Heald implied more details about this specially themed night would be forthcoming as Carnival Venezia is set to debut May 29, 2023.