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MSC Euribia Offers Something for Everyone

MSC Cruises has announced plans to bring its kids and family programming to “new heights’ on board its newest ship, MSC Euribia, which sets sail in June.  

MSC Euribia’s new kids’ area will cover 7 rooms dedicated to different age groups between 0-17 years. Two rooms will focus on sustainability and help educate children on the importance of the environment, and one room will focus on technological innovation in the digital age. 

Matteo Mancini, youth entertainment senior manager at MSC Cruises said, “We are excited to announce our family-friendly offerings on board MSC Euribia.  Designed with the latest technology and taking into account current trends, we want to meet the needs of new generations of children and their families for years to come.”

“The onboard entertainment will reflect MSC Euribia’s message of sustainability, with new innovations and environmental components integrated into the cruise experience.”

Entertainment options on board the ship have expanded hours that run from 9 am until midnight. Highlights of the new entertainment option include:

Chicco Eco + Baby Club. This new club was designed by Artsana group with sustainability in mind. They partnered with baby brand Chicco and features a play area for children under three years of age. The area features toys made with 80% recycled plastic or 67% organic and recycled plastic. 

MSC Foundation Youth Center. This is a dedicated space for kids to participate in fun and educational activities. They will learn more about the importance of the environment. Their parents can learn about MSC Foundation’s programs and causes at the same time. 

Teens Club Extra Space. This will be a new and innovative space dedicated to teens. It will provide more space and activities to meet the needs of those 15-17 years of age. It will offer all their favorites like PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, VR, foosball, ping pong and more.

World Quest. This is a new interactive game on board the ship based on world geography and trivia. Guests will have an opportunity to play and win prizes. 

Caravaggio. For the first time, MSC Cruises has created a spy show game where guests can be spies. The game is an immersive adventure where guests investigate a museum art heist and try to catch a thief. 

MSC Euribia will also offer some new family entertainment like Z Active, an exciting sports program. There will be MasterChef at Sea Juniors featuring an on stage cooking competition for children ages 5-12. The MSC Dance Crew competition features teams of guests from ages 10 to 17 years old competing for the ultimate title of dance crew of the year. Cabin 12006 is an opportunity for guests to solve mysteries on board, and Drone Academy 2.0 offers guests the chance to participate in a high-tech relay race with glowing drones and obstacles after dark.

Family-owned MSC Cruises is truly focusing on making MSC Euribia an adventure the entire family can enjoy.