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Carnival Cruise Line VIFP Guests Getting New Line Up of Gifts

Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador, John Heald, took to his Facebook page just before breakfast a couple days ago with some exciting news for the cruise line’s VIFP guests. 

He announced that in the coming weeks, Carnival Cruise Line will be introducing a coordinated set of gifts to its VIFP guests. There will be three gifts in all with the first one being a Carnival Cruise Line tote bag. 

The coordinated set of three bags are navy blue with red accents. The tote bag is a navy blue with red handles. There is a “Carnival VIFP Club” patch on the outside and the Carnival logo along with a “Very Important for Pool Days” pattern on the interior lining. 

The second bag is a fanny pack or a bum bag as called in the U.K. It is also navy blue with a coordinating red zipper and the “Carnival VIFP Club” patch on the outside. While not shown clearly, the waist strap appears to be adjustable with a plastic closure. The final bag is a toiletry bag that is also navy blue with a red zipper and the “Carnival VIFP Club” patch on the outside. Printed on the light interior is the Carnival logo and a “Very Important for Packing” pattern. 

While no exact timeline was given, Heald did say the gifts would be on the ships in the coming weeks and they would quickly switch from one gift to the next which is good news for more frequent travelers. He also hinted that eventually there would be the option to choose your gift so those who maybe missed a gift, would be sure to have a complete collection. 

During the short video Heald thanked the VIFP guests for their loyalty. He said, “We have well over a million and a half of these incredible people who have stayed loyal through the good times and the challenging times. That’s growing every day as we get more Diamond and Platinum guests. Thank you for your incredible loyalty.”

These gifts are for those Diamond and Platinum loyalty guests known as VIFPs, Very Important Fun Persons. Platinum status is achieved when a guest has earned 75 points with Carnival’s loyalty program and Diamond status arrives at 200 points. Points are earned every night you sail on a Carnival fun ship. 

Once released, VIFPs can pick up their gifts at the Pixels Photo Gallery while onboard the ship. Platinum and Diamond cruisers can collect their collectible pins which have the ship’s name and year of sailing at the same time. 

Heald assured viewers that he would divulge more details and release dates as he received them.