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Carnival Cruise Line Reminding Guests “Have Fun. Be Safe.”

Spring Break season is here and Carnival Cruise Line is issuing a Code of Conduct letter to its booked guests. The letter is signed by Carnival’s VP of Guest Services, Colleen Oliverio, and is reminding guests that while Carnival wants them to have a fun vacation, there are consequences for bad ship behavior. 

The letter begins, “You will be sailing with us during Spring Break, which is traditionally a period of high occupancy. As part of our commitment to create the best environment to provide a fun and memorable vacation for all, we would like to remind you of our Safety First! guidelines, as we CHOOSE FUN TOGETHER.”

The letter addresses four basic areas with the first being “respectful and considerate general conduct.” With verbiage that mirrors the cruise line’s Code of Conduct, the letter states, “We want you to have a memorable vacation but please remember a cruise ship is a shared space. Our Carnival Values underscore that all guests should feel welcome and included, and that everyone demonstrates care and respect towards each other. Our experience has taught us that everyone has a better time when children are supervised, noise in the hallways is kept to a minimum, guests follow queues, and that a spirit of community and neighborliness is shown by all.” 

The letter mentions the need for guests and crew to hear essential announcements therefore guests need to wear headphones when using personal devices. Speakers and radios are not permitted and will be confiscated if brought on board. Additionally, reserving seats and sun loungers is also not allowed. Oliverio reminds guests to familiarize themselves and accept the Code of Conduct during their check-in process and make sure their group or family helps create a “fun and safe environment.”

The next two sections address the cruise line’s alcohol and beverage guidelines and its tobacco and marijuana policies. There is a reminder of what guests 21 and older may and may not bring onboard in their carry-on luggage and directs the reader to read the full beverage policy. 

The letter reminds guests that the cruise line prohibits smoking of any kind in undesignated areas and that throwing butts (or any item) overboard will result in a $500 fine per violation. It also reminds guests that while marijuana may be legal in some states and countries, it is not legal on a Carnival ship, since it follows U.S. federal law which says it is an illegal drug. Marijuana is also not permitted for medical purposes and guests may find themselves disembarked at their own expense, and possibly banned from sailing with Carnival, for violating the cruise line’s smoking policy.

The last section of the letter is about personal safety. Oliverio reminds guests to be mindful and take responsibility for their personal safety. Hold handrails. Do not climb on rails. Be careful of wet floors. Wear deck shoes. Simple safety reminders for all.

Ultimately, Carnival Cruise Line just wants everyone to enjoy their time onboard, have fun and be safe as their motto says.